About Us

A Place You Can Trust

We know that the auto industry has a reputation of overcharging and up-selling unneeded parts and services. To ensure we're a place you can trust, we operate with complete transparency. All of our prices are listed with the price we paid for the parts and all our services are broken down by action so you know where your money is going. 

Parts Experts

Our sales team are put through testing when they join the team. Not only can they rebuild a turbo, they can name every part inside. They also have continuing education to keep up with new vehicles and changing parts. Knowledge is necessary to delivery quality customer service. 

Fast Shipping

We know when you order a part for your car, you need it fast! Our products are typically on their way within 1-2 business days!  


– Sam Green, Los Angeles, CA

"I've trusted PT Turbo for the last 19 years. In a time where it's hard to find honest, reliable businesses, these guys are the exception. I'll be a loyal customer for life. "

– Josh Cromwell, Dallas, TX

Everything I know about forced induction, I've learned from the guys at PT Turbo. They show you what's wrong with your turbo, explain what may have caused it and walk you through how they'll fix it. 

Exceptional service!

– Wayne Fischle, Ontario, CA

Absolutely the best! I'm still learning, so when I have a problem or a simple question I drop by and the guys at 

PT Turbo always make time to educate me. Also, important to note, they always honor their warranties!